Apiphani Launches New Data Analytics Practice and Services, Helping Clients Build Trusted Data Pipelines for BI, ML, and AI

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 3:02pm UTC

Apiphani Launches New Data Analytics Practice and Services, Helping Clients Build Trusted Data Pipelines for BI, ML, and AI

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The apiphani Data Pipeline changes how organizations think about their data, uncovering hidden value

BOSTON, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Apiphani, Inc., a technology-enabled managed and professional services provider redefining the way businesses manage their mission-critical workloads, today launched its Data & Analytics Practice, a new suite of services focused on helping clients architect a data mesh solution that drives extreme efficiency, reliability, and value. The apiphani Data Pipeline provides a foundation for clients' most important business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and digital products.

The apiphani Data Pipeline comprises all the components needed for a modern data and analytics platform, including cloud-native tools and data catalog solutions. Beyond the core technology platform, the apiphani Data Pipeline is built around a managed service, allowing clients to plan, implement, socialize, and maintain the resulting data pipelines. This results in reliable, streamlined, self-service data that delivers value to end users, data professionals, engineers, business managers, and executives.

"Business is increasingly data-driven, but many companies aren't able to make that leap because they don't have a single, cohesive, and verified source of data to drive their decisions," said Justin Folkers, CEO of apiphani. "Most organizations spend 80% of their time gathering, cleansing, and preparing their data and only 20% in analysis. And they do it again and again, week after week, to produce the same reports with little time for insight, let alone innovation."

The apiphani Data Pipeline automates the hard work of integrating and harmonizing the data to create data domains aligned with top business priorities, organized in ways that make sense for the business. By accelerating data discovery and access, the apiphani Data Pipeline fundamentally changes how organizations think about their data, uncovering its hidden value.

"Many organizations make the mistake of focusing only on getting the data pipeline platform built, but success depends more on embedding it into the way you work and ensuring it continues to meet ever-evolving business needs," said James Kendrick, Principal Director, Data and Analytics Practice, at apiphani. "The vision of the apiphani Data Pipeline goes beyond the technology involved. Apiphani has created a business methodology to guide companies through a complete solution from strategy to technology stack to service. Our new data pipeline offering is central to digital success, from traditional business intelligence to digital products."

The apiphani data pipeline was strategically developed and put into operation along with executives, leadership, and technologists from our co-innovation partner and early adopter, Power Systems Mfg, (PSM) a Hanwha Company. It is a business driven, proven product. John Thorburn, PSM Head of IT and co-innovation lead describes the effort this way. "Apiphani brought valuable expertise to the effort, supplementing PSM's own resources. We have executive vision, business domain experts, and people who know how to extract data from SAP or other applications. We didn't have the experts or the tools to put it altogether. That requires a platform, and new methods that treat data as a product. Apiphani had the platform, the processes, and the expertise that needed to put this thing together. Apiphani knew how to get it done right."

Research by McKinsey has shown that approaching data as a product delivers 90% faster time-to-value and a 30% reduced cost-of-ownership. A typical client engagement for the apiphani Data Pipeline starts small with showcase and proof-of-concept projects that reduce risk while increasing chances for an early win. The lessons learned and the reusable components created during this fast-cycle start build a solid foundation for quicker time to value, and the early successes drive buy-in.

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Apiphani, a technology-enabled managed services provider, is reimagining the way organizations manage their mission-critical workloads. Apiphani helps unlock the hidden and under-utilized capabilities of customers' existing software investments, reduce technical debt, and develop a high-performance, highly resilient system that can serve as the foundation for digital transformation and innovation. One of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S., apiphani is at the vanguard of the movement to hyper automate IT operations. Apiphani's AI-based Deep Automation™ technology automates the mundane tasks of managing a complex IT environment, freeing people to focus on more value-added work. For more information, visit apiphani.io.

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