Cleantech Collaborations: GridMarket Announces New Bilateral Partner Program

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 4:19pm UTC

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GridMarket, an industry leading digital platform for clean, distributed energy projects, is thrilled to announce the launch of its enhanced channel partner program. This initiative is designed to foster collaboration with partner organizations and accelerate the adoption of cleantech solutions among a broader audience.

GridMarket is a technology agnostic project partner with an established track record of success with Fortune 500 and 1000 portfolio customers. With countless projects and portfolios contracted and in pipeline across diverse core technologies including solar, battery storage, fuel cells, efficiency measures, ev charging infrastructure, controls, and more around the world, GridMarket’s established footprint and committed customer base make us an ideal opportunity sourcing and execution partner. GridMarket’s target market includes large energy consumers such as manufacturing facilities, logistics/transportation, cold storage, large scale commercial, universities, data centers, governments, municipalities, and more.

Companies who work with similar customer profiles and could benefit from the capability to offer additional energy solutions and related services to new and existing clients are a great fit for the bilateral partner program. The program is tailored for businesses and organizations seeking to integrate renewable energy and cleantech solutions into their portfolios. By joining forces with GridMarket, partners gain access to a range of benefits, resources and support to effectively deliver environmentally friendly solutions to their customers - providing additional value and enhancing customer relationships.

In announcing the program, Peter Schneider, Director of Sales and Project Management, expressed enthusiasm for the potential impact and benefit for partners and customers. "We believe that collaboration is the key to driving positive change in the clean energy landscape. Our channel partner program is a testament to our commitment to working hand-in-hand with businesses that share our passion for making clean energy projects accessible, economical, and impactful. We’ve created a streamlined program that enables our partners to easily communicate the value of clean energy solutions to their clients."

The partner program is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing sales cycles and processes, bolstering offerings and extending reach with a unique value proposition. GridMarket provides the opportunity for channel partners to better serve customers through this mutually beneficial program.

Key features of the Channel Partner Program include:

  • Exclusive Access to Project Opportunity Analysis: Partners will have priority access to GridMarket's latest innovations and analytical solutions - AI-driven modeling and project design optimization across over 1000 utility networks and municipal territories, over 750 million prequalified global properties for rapid customer opportunity identification, simplified visualization and quantification tools to communicate value to customers and clients, and more.

  • Comprehensive Training and Support: To empower partners in promoting and implementing renewable energy solutions, GridMarket offers comprehensive training programs, co-branded marketing collateral, ongoing incentive and program updates, and business development support, providing a competitive edge that results in 15-30% more efficient and cost-effective solution delivery through provided automation tools and partner-driven expertise.

  • Dedicated Account Management: Each partner will be assigned a dedicated account manager to provide personalized support, answer questions, and facilitate seamless collaboration, along with access to a customized lead dashboard to share updates and progress.

  • Partner Features: GridMarket is eager to promote partners through print, blog, and press features and at coordinated industry events.

If your customers could benefit from clean energy, partnering with GridMarket to provide that expertise can help you offer additional value, increase sales opportunities, and make additional revenue from successful referrals. Partners often see more efficient and expanded delivery of their own solutions, enhanced by the ancillary value of clean energy technologies. Building from a core framework, GridMarket customizes the specifics of the channel program to create a seamless, mutually-beneficial relationship that achieves the most important goal - bringing value to customers.

GridMarket invites interested organizations to learn more about the channel partner program by reaching out here.

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Jillian Caramanna-Seymour

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