Meyer Bees is Selling a Handmade Honey Advent Calendar Sampler

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Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 4:45pm UTC

Meyer Bees is selling a handmade Honey Advent Calendar sampler on their website. The 12 or 24-day Honey Advent Calendar sampler offers a wide selection of raw varietal honey in glass jars and other honey bee-related products (honey dipper, beeswax candles, honey candy, recipes, fun facts, and more). For more information about the handmade Honey Advent Calendar sampler, click here.


Minooka, IL, September 8, 2022 – Meyer Bees is excited to announce the release of their handmade Honey Advent Calendar sampler. The colors, flavors, aromas, and textures of the honey are 100% raw and natural. Each honey variety is influenced by the flower blossoms from which the bees gathered nectar; no artificial ingredients have been added. This sampler is a terrific way to experience a wide assortment of honey’s natural flavors. This limited-edition item is perfect for the beekeeper or honey lover in your life and makes a great addition to any holiday table.

“We are so excited to offer this unique product to our customers,” said Meyer Bees President Dave Meyer. “The calendar is a great way to explore different varieties of honey from around the country. Our local Meyer Bees wildflower honey is also included.  The Honey Advent Calendar sampler exposes you to varieties of honey you may never have tried and I think you’ll find a few new favorites in this mix!”

All honey flavors and colors come from the flowers the bees visited to collect nectar; no dyes or flavors are added. The honey’s flavor, color, and liquidity are determined by the nectar of the flowers, not the fruit itself; therefore, the blossom name is not necessarily the resulting flavor.  For example, the flavor of blueberry blossom honey originates from the flower nectar, not the blueberry fruit, and therefore does not taste like blueberries.  The nectar sources that the bees forage on change throughout the year with different honey varieties being produced in spring, summer, and fall.  Certain varieties can take a year or more to collect enough honey to include them in this sampler.

The raw honey in the honey sampler has not been heated or pasteurized as heating can destroy beneficial enzymes, pollens, antioxidants, and nutritional value. Granulation can occur in some sampler jars, turning the honey from liquid to solid. Some honey can granulate in a few weeks while others take a year or more. Granulated honey is 100% natural and can be consumed as a spreadable solid or re-liquefied via warming.

The holiday advent calendar sampler makes the perfect holiday gift. The honey sampler is available for pickup at the company’s Minooka, IL location or can be ordered from their website and shipped anywhere in the US.  Larger quantities of the individual varieties are also available for purchase.  Gift options are available.

About Meyer Bees

Meyer Bees is a one-stop shop for everything related to beekeeping, from package bees, nucs, and queens to hive parts, tools, clothing, treatments, extracting equipment, and bottling supplies. At their location in Minooka, Illinois (roughly 35 miles southwest of Chicago), you’ll find a complete selection of beekeeping supplies and equipment along with a helpful staff that is happy to answer questions and guide you on your beekeeping journey.

They also offer hive services, whether you need a single hive or a network of hives over multiple locations. The monthly inspections performed by Meyer Bees will ensure that your beehives remain productive and healthy.

“Our high-quality products and knowledge sharing have helped us gain trust and maintain positive relationships with our customers and the beekeeping community,” says Dave Meyer, the President of Meyer Bees. “We will continue providing innovative beekeeping information and services as well as offer new and unique products related to honey bees in the years to come.”

Contact Information:

Name: Dave Meyer, President
Organization: Meyer Bees
Address: 2021 Holt Road, Minooka, IL, 60447
Phone: 815-521-9116

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